My research interests include the behavioural and neurological presentations of autobiographical memory and self-schemas, how this presentation is effected by emotions, and the stability of temporal memory and self-schemas over time.

In the CNS laboratory, I work under the supervision of Dr. Silverberg to examine the manifestation of autobiographical memory in people who have experienced concussions.


Wardell, V., Esposito, C., Madan., C.R., & Palombo, D.J. (preprint). Semi-automated transcription and scoring of autobiographical memory narratives. Behavioural Research Methods.


Wardell, V., Madan, C.R., & Palombo, D.J. (June, 2020). Autobiographical Remembering: Effects of Emotion in Everyday Life. Poster presented at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention, Chicago, IL. (Conference held virtually).


Wardell, V., & Palombo, D.J. (April, 2020). Memory Maintenance: The Effect of Emotions in Autobiographical Memory Over Time. Poster presented at the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. (Conference canceled).

University of British Columbia , 2021, BA, Psychology
CNS Lab – Kenny Building Vancouver, British Columbia