Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Silverberg does not plan to accept new clinical psychology graduate students for fall 2024 admission.


Click here for general information about UBC’s clinical psychology graduate program and here for application instructions and deadlines. Applicants should clearly state how their research interests align with the CNS lab and highlight any prior experience (e.g., research training, volunteer work, dealing with adversity) that has set them up for success in graduate school. Applicants from diverse, traditionally underrepresented, and/or marginalized backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this mentorship support program.

About the GRE requirement

GRE scores are optional for the 2022-2023 application cycle. In keeping with our lab’s goal to increase inclusion of historically underrepresented groups in the field of clinical psychology, we review applications holistically. GRE scores are generally unnecessary. Applications with low or missing GRE scores will receive full consideration. For students who did not have the support to attend a well-known university or focus full-time on their undergraduate studies, including GRE scores can increase the competitiveness of their application.

About clinical training in neuropsychology

We welcome applications from students interested in clinical neuropsychology. Within the general clinical psychology program, we work with students to assemble coursework and supervised clinical training experiences that conform to Houston Conference and Clinical Neuropsychology Synarchy guidelines. Training can include internal neuropsychological assessment practica at the UBC Psychology Clinic and external placements at local hospitals (e.g., the neuropsychology rotations of the Vancouver Coastal Health predoctoral residency program regularly offer practicum placements on a competitive basis).